Image for Buy Nothing Day campaign

The US-based Buy Nothing Day campaign is an active protest against Black Friday – an event described by The Story of Stuff as a ‘holiday of waste and overconsumption’.

This year, The Story of Stuff has issued a challenge: instead of spending money on buying unnecessary stuff (much of it containing plastic) celebrate Buy Nothing Day.

For those of us who really must purchase gifts, the campaign advises avoiding companies like Amazon and other giant retailers and urges us instead to support small, local businesses – which is exactly the message that the Totally Mold initiative is promoting.

The Buy Nothing Day pledge states, in part: ‘Instead of blindly shopping for more Stuff, I will take action to make a positive change in my community and make informed buying decisions that consider human and environmental costs.’

Interested? Then visit the Buy Nothing Day page, commit to meeting at least three of eight pledges and sign up to the campaign.

By the way, if you’re looking for local businesses to buy from, there are usually lots of suggestions on our Facebook page.