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This is where you can get creative. There are loads of fabulous and simple recipes out there for biscuits, granola bars, cakes, savoury bites, energy balls … endless opportunities!

Wrap your goodies in paper or a beeswax sheet or pop them in a re-useable tub to store and carry around.

Also check out local refill shops for nuts, seeds, dried fruit and other treats, and store them in jars at home ready to decant/raid for elevenses.

Opt for drinks in cans or glass bottles and make sure you recycle. Even better take the opportunity to make a healthier lifestyle choice and cut down on or stop buying sugar-filled cordials, juices and fizzy drinks.

Have go at juicing oranges at home for a fresh, zingy breakfast shot. If you’ve got a juicer, blender or Sodastream, then use it. If not, please don’t buy another white good for the kitchen.

#Reduce – carry a reusable bottle and use one of the 30 businesses in town signed up to the Refill scheme, to refill with thirst-quenching Welsh Water.

We are lucky in Mold to have small local traders who will give a discount if you bring in your own reusable mug for a coffee or tea to go. So top up your caffeine at Baedd Bach cafe. No mug? Reusable mugs are available at Oxfam in the precinct. The Gathering on Earl Road will also top up your reusable mug.

Closeup image of beeswax wrap with dinosaur pattern