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Mold Plastic Reduction aims to eliminate single use plastic and reduce all avoidable plastic use and waste, empowering people visiting, working and living in the town and surrounding villages to refuse, reuse, and recycle to drive a more sustainable and circular economy.

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It isn’t just about plastic.

People concerned about plastic often – though not always – have related concerns about the environment generally, climate change in particular, and our personal responsibility for doing something.

Some among us go to the extent of wondering whether our economic dependence on goods having limited shelf-life is becoming unmanageable.

Incinerating ‘stuff’ we no longer want harms the climate, burying it in landfill requires phenomenal amounts of space – and places like China have now said they won’t take any more of our waste.

We need other solutions, possibly what some are calling the ‘circular economy’ where production is tied to disposal.

As MPR Steering Group member Stephen Maund says: “If I buy a toner cartridge for my office printer, I’m not disconnected from what happens to it when its purpose is finished. I need to find alternatives to just binning it.”

Whether you are passionate about the issue of plastic or are just starting to explore the subject, we hope you visit and participate in this website regularly – and connect other people to it.

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