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Our privacy policy includes details about the types of personal information we might collect, our use of cookies, how we use personal data and the legal bases for that use, together with information about issues such as children & vulnerable individuals and marketing.

The  MPR privacy policy [PDF] also has contact details for our Data Manager.

With regard to cookies, the privacy policy states the following:

Cookies are small text files on your computer, smart phone, tablet or other device. They are made by your web-browser when you visit a website. Every time you go back to that website, your browser will send the cookie file back to the website’s server.

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improving the user experience.

Cookies help MPR identify which bits of our website people are using, and help us to improve the user experience.

Information supplied in cookies also allows us to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns for MPR so that we can become more efficient.

A cookie, by itself, can’t be used to identify you; we cannot and do not link it with personal information we hold about you (e.g. your name, address, email address).