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Refill! Washing up liquid, laundry liquid and conditioner are all available as refills – or try alternatives, such as shampoo bars, which are readily available online or from Omeda Crafts in Mold’s Indoor Market and The Organic Health Food Stores.

You can reduce the amount you buy, too – a home-made mix of washing up liquid and water in a refill spray bottle, and a good scrub, really does do most things! Go for polish in a tin and opt for good re-useable cloths and dusters that can be washed time and again.

Buy washing powder in cardboard boxes and consider whether you really do need conditioner. You could even have a go at making your own products – there is no end to the power of bicarb! There are many eco-friendly alternatives – think deodorant bars in cardboard tubes, bamboo toothbrushes, refill tooth tabs and charcoal floss in a refill jar.

Coconut oil is a brilliant all-rounder for moisturising, make-up removal and deep conditioning hair. Swap to soap bars, shampoo bars instead of dispensers. Our bodies and hair need time to adjust to not having all those chemicals and ‘buy me’ products on them … but you’ll find it’s worth it and you’ll end up buying less stuff.

Not all plastic is bad. Durable Tupperware is the key to a ‘plastic-free’ lifestyle! Use it for leftovers, packed lunches, storing homemade snacks and treats etc. Start collecting Kilner jars for storing cereal, flour, sugar, baking ingredients, pasta, rice etc. Reuse smaller glass jars to store refill seeds and nuts.

If you’re having a party, then hiring rather than buying cups, plates, jugs etc helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

As items need replacing opt for plastic free versions, wooden brushes, scrubbers and pegs all look amazing too. And here’s how to make your own beeswax wraps.

For more ideas on how to live a life with less plastic, have a look at these tips on the Less Plastic website.

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