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Part of the international movement of slow cities, Mold was the first town in Wales to achieve Cittaslow status.


Composting at home

Friends of the Earth

Living Plastic Free
Two years of living plastic free …

Marine Conservation Society
Living without Plastic – A Guide [PDF].

Plastic Free Business Champions
Local businesses are kicking the single use plastic habit. Find out how your business can work to eliminate single use plastics [PDF]. You could start with these nine ways to reduce plastic in the workplace.

Plastic Free Community allies
With masses of community groups around Mold, if we all do our little bit to make a change, then a really big change can follow.
Find out more by linking to the Community Toolkit [PDF].

Plastic Free Schools
Get a digital sign-up pack for top tips on how to become a plastic free school. We will list actions taken by local schools to work towards eliminating single use plastics in schools.
It was a school student, Greta Thunberg, who helped bring climate change to prominence and she said about plastic: “The problem of plastic pollution in the ocean is even worse than anyone feared. There’s actually more microplastic 1,000 feet down than there is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

Reducing Food Waste
Get an app to help you reduce food waste.

Surfers Against Sewage

Image showing mother and young girl holding cardboard box of plastic free fruit and vegetables