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As a first step, why not decide to stop buying fruit and veg in the supermarket, where it’s often plastic wrapped? If you do ‘supershop’ though, then consider buying items loose whenever they’re available.

Or head to your local high street grocer, or to The Olive TreeMold Farmers Market, Mold Street Market, The Organic Health Food Stores, a local farm shop such as Swans Farm Shop in Treuddyn, or a roadside stall. Less plastic and less food miles = wins all round!

Choose flours, cereals, pasta, rice, sugar, dried fruit, cake mixes, nuts, seeds and other dried goods in paper bags. Some supermarkets sell more plastic-free goods than others, but to be sure of a good selection, head to your local refill shop: in Mold we have The Olive Tree and Tasters Delicatessen, both of which are happy to refill your own containers. Tasters are also happy to sell small quantities.

Both The Olive Tree and Tasters Delicatessen sell bread flour without plastic wrapping – or head to Mold market every Wednesday and Saturday to get your loaves, rolls and treats in paper bags. Availability varies, but all our local bakers are great and have plastic free options. In the supermarket, opt for loose bread and take your own washable cotton bag to pop it in. 

To avoid milk in plastic cartons, register with your local milkman and go back to glass bottles. Plastic-free local dairies include Knight Dairies, Milk & Honey and Ritchie Hayes & Sons.

Buy yoghurt in bigger containers and decant it into smaller pots (reuse the containers afterwards) – or have a go at making your own in glass jars.

Meat can be tricky but you can take your own containers to Cj’s Butchers and Tesco who are more than happy to fill tubs from home.

Image showing display of vegetables without plastic wrappers