Foil-covered chocolate Father Christmas figures.

Flintshire County Council has advice on recycling all sorts of items, including wrapping paper, greetings cards and batteries.

Here are some excerpts from their advice:

“Not all wrapping paper can be recycled.  The scrunch test is a simple way of checking whether something is recyclable. If the item springs back into shape after you have scrunched it up, then it can’t be recycled.  If it doesn’t spring back into shape, then it can be recycled and you can put it in with your paper recycling.

“Not all greetings cards can be recycled. If the card has glitter, stickers or other items attached, they cannot be included with your paper and card recycling as they contaminate the paper making process. All other cards can be recycled and should be placed in with your paper and card collection bags.

“All household batteries including ‘button’ watch batteries can be recycled at the kerbside with the rest of your recycling waste. Put your batteries in a clear bag and put them out with your recycling waste on your collection day.

For more information see Flintshire’s page on What can and cannot be recycled.

It might also be worth checking out the Recycle Now page on What to do with Christmas decorations & packaging.