Christmas gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with red string.

Are you looking for ways to cut down on plastic this Christmas?

Our Facebook page is gathering and sharing ideas, including:

Supporting some of our Plastic Free Champions, such as the Mati & Meg gift shop, The Olive Tree delicatessen, Angel Feathers craft gin and vodka, or Black Mountain Honey.

There are also lots of other sources of inspiration for cutting out the Christmas plastic, such as the Moral Fibres blog posts on How To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas – The Ultimate Guide and The Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Christmas, Birthdays & More.

Elsewhere, Gardeners’ World shows how to Make a wildlife-friendly Christmas wreath and the North Wales Wildlife Trust will benefit if you buy from its range of Christmas gifts.

Of course, if you’ve had enough of stuff, you could always give – or ask for – a donation to a favourite charity. Whether local or national, they’ll all appreciate some extra income after Covid restrictions have made it difficult for them to fundraise.