Box of eggs on bright yellow background.

A Wrexham-based company has developed a new material which can replace plastic in a wide range of applications.

Describing his invention as a “silver bullet”, David Hughes of Happy Dolphin believes his new Biodolomer material will be “transformational” in the war on plastic and climate change.

Made from a mixture of calcium carbonate, vegetable oils and sugarcane, Biodolomer is fully compostable and has a much lower carbon footprint than plastic bags and other alternative materials.

While many “compostable” materials only break down at high temperatures, Happy Dolphin products can break down at normal, ambient, temperatures in less than a year – or in less than a day in a commercial composter, reports

Calcium carbonate is a constituent of egg shells, snail shells and sea shells and the new material is both strong, durable and affordable. With his eye on creating a range of products beyond carrier bags, Dave Hughes says he also intends to launch Biodolomer cups, bottles, cutlery and beer mugs.