Lots of used AA batteries.

Recycle Your Electricals is a website that aims to encourage better disposal of broken or unwanted electrical goods.

Given that anything with a plug, battery or cable must not simply be thrown into general waste or recycling bins, the site offers advice on how and where to dispose of it.

If repairing, donating or selling items aren’t options, then you can find where to recycle electrical goods locally.

Pop in your postcode and – all being well – a list of local battery and electrical recycling points is displayed.

For Mold, the list includes branches of Argos and Tesco, plus council recycling parks.

Before getting too excited, it’s worth checking what items can be disposed of at different points. Tesco, for instance, only accept portable batteries, but Argos will take TVs plus other small and large electrical appliances.

More details on the Recycle Your Electricals website.


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