Home compost heap.

Should we be putting compostable plastic on our compost heaps?

Many of us would say “yes”, but consumer group Which? advises against it.

In a new article on its website, Which? highlights five things to know about biodegradable and compostable plastics:

– biodegradable doesn’t mean compostable;

– compostable doesn’t mean it can go in a home compost bin;

– compostable plastic shouldn’t be put out for kerbside recycling;

– compostable caddy liners should be used in food waste bins;

– it’s better to reuse than recycle.

Because compostable and biodegradable packaging cannot yet be collected for recycling, it’s effectively single use argues Beverley Simonson of ReLondon.

“It’s far better to buy things with no packaging at all,” she adds. “Buying fruit and vegetables loose, or signing up to a veg box, are great plastic-free options; and re-using and refilling your own boxes, bottles or bags are the next best options for replacing plastic packaging.”