Welsh flag.

Wales is to introduce new “polluter pays” rules aimed at making businesses which place packaged goods onto the market pay for their waste to be recycled.

Brand owners, importers, distributors and online marketplaces will be charged according to the amount and type of packaging they place on the market.

A standard recycling logo will be required on all packaging to help consumers know what they can put in their recycling bins.

Announcing the initiative, Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change said: “How did we get to a point where a quick snack can be wrapped up in materials that take hundreds of years to break down?”.

The “landmark changes” will help producers to think about the packaging they are putting on the market, explained Mr Waters, and help to incentivise recycling.

Some of the new rules in Wales will be mirrored elsewhere in the UK, although a Deposit Return Scheme for glass bottles is to be introduced in Wales and Scotland only.

The official Welsh Government press release can be read here and an article in The National is available here.