Bottle of "Spruce" alternative household cleaning product with dissolvable sachets.

Rather than keep on buying “traditional” bathroom and kitchen cleaning products packaged in throw-away plastic spray bottles, many of us are turning to more environmentally friendly options.

Those on offer include “just add water” products, available as pouches that dissolve in water, releasing their contents into a container – perhaps a re-purposed plastic spray bottle, or maybe a glass bottle with a plastic spray nozzle attached.

Using little- or no-plastic alternatives might make us feel better, but do they work?

To help answer that question, sustainability expert Wendy Graham of Moral Fibres looks at how effective five brands are.

In Do Just Add Water Cleaning Products Really Work? she puts products from Iron & Velvet, Ocean Saver, neat, Spruce and Raindrop through their paces, assessing them on cleaning power, packaging, scent and price.


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