Colourful plastic bags for soft plastic recycling.

If you’ve popped into your local Aldi lately, you might have noticed that the company is now offering a soft plastics recycling facility in store. You can take your clean, soft plastics including crisp packets, salad bags, bread bags and carrier bags for recycling.

Although not every Aldi store in the UK will be providing this service, feedback from followers of our Facebook page indicates that there are collection points locally at Mold, Buckley, Broughton, Wrexham, Llay and Denbigh. If you know of another location offering this facility, please let us know.

Tesco and Co-op have been providing this service for some time and it’s good to see Aldi joining them.

For background to Aldi’s initiative, see: Aldi rolls out ‘soft plastic’ collections across UK.