Menstrual pads and tampons.

Disposable menstrual pads are mostly plastic and, with up to two billion being flushed down UK toilets each year, they represent a serious source of marine pollution.

The Women’s Environmental Network (Wen) encourages people to switch to reusable or organic, plastic free options.

A variety of alternative products were promoted during Wen’s latest Environmenstrual Week (11-17 October), with discount codes available for menstrual cups, washable pads, period pants and menstrual pads and tampons.

Environmenstrual Week was also an opportunity for Surfers Against Sewage to chat to WUKA, the UK’s first reusable period product brand.

“One pair of WUKA is equivalent to saving 200 tampons from being used,” says the company, and they can last for more than two years.

More information is available on the WUKA website.