Blue recycling box.

Statistics for 2020 show that Wales recycled more household waste than any other part of the United Kingdom.

In 2020, Wales recycled 56.5% of household waste, which was far higher than the UK average of 44.4%.

Compared to 2019, the recycling rate in Wales rose slightly (from 56.4% to 56.5%), but fell across the other UK nations: England’s rate dropped from 46% to 44%; Northern Ireland’s from 51.3% to 49.1%; and Scotland’s from 44.9% to 41%.

Wales was therefore the only part of the UK to hit the minimum 50% target set by the European Union.

The fall in England’s recycling was blamed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on Covid, which it said had disrupted some collections.

For more, see BBC News Recycling: Wales is top UK performer for over 10 years and The Guardian England fails to reach household waste recycling target.

Unfortunately Flintshire County Council is way down the list for recycling and is the worst in North Wales according to the Annual reuse/recycling/composting rates by local authority.