The Precious Plastic initiative encourages people to see waste plastic as a valuable resource that can be recycled rather than simply dumped.

So far, so ordinary – there are lots of recycling initiatives around.

What makes Precious Plastic different is that it shows people how to set up their own plastic waste business, based around one or more ideas developed by the project’s founders.

A series of starter kits focuses on how to set up a machine shop, and workspaces for plastic shredding, extrusion, sheet pressing, injection and mixing.

Budding entrepreneurs can get hold of blueprints, posters, labels, CAD models and other information – all free of charge.

For those who want to help but don’t want to set up a business, there’s information about creating waste plastic collection points and community points.

Precious Plastic is an initiative of One Army, which describes itself as “a global movement of peaceful sapiens dedicating their lives to serve and protect planet earth.”

Find out more at the Precious Plastic website.